The Wellness Spa

the wellness spa Kelowna

The Wellness Spa in Kelowna offers several choices of pedicure, massage and spa treatments.

Here’s a short interview with Sharon Strang of the Wellness Spa

1) What kind of service do you mainly offer?
Facials & Massages are our specialty! We have 10 different facials to choose from. Our skin care products are from France (Guinot) & are made from plant botanicals. They are wonderful & effective. I love them….been using them for the 12 years I have been open.

I have been teaching massage for over 20 years, so I teach my staff additional skills of massage, from what they already know and we customize each massage to suit the individual, pressure-wise. We don’t give ‘fluffy’ massages, and we find most people like massages that ‘hurt so good’!

2) Do you enjoy welcoming tourists from around the globe?
We love welcoming tourists from all over the world, and since we are located in the Best Western Kelowna Hotel & Suites, we do see many different cultures. But we love our local clients as well, They are our bread-and-butter, so we have specials for them, as well as a loyalty program.

3) Are there any discounts that people can use when visiting your website?
When folks visit our website, they can sign up for our newsletter & receive a $5 gift certificate to the Wellness Spa!

4) Why should our readers consider checking out your business?
The Wellness Spa really cares about the well-being of each & every client by using wholesome, natural products & offering selfless, respectful service in a calm nurturing environment. We pride ourselves on being a friendly & beautiful, but cozy retreat from the world, offering exceptional services and dedicated to make each of our guests have a wonderful experience.

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